I'm not supposed to be here but I am. Do you think I wanted this life? Not my fault I'm cursed... But now you know what I am I'd run if I where you and I'm not in a good mood. Run... That's if you want to see the next sun rise.

((This is an AU Tony Stark Rp account. This Tony is can also be refereed to as Fang or Anthony.

I track the tag metallicfangs))

reblog if you’d truly miss me if I deleted.

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Me WANNA seeeeeeeee

I need to actually put it on first and I don’t have all the necessary things at like 11:30 at night. I need to actually buy a few more brushes.

the 10th icon in your folder will describe how your muse truly feels about their mun.

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((I wonder how I’ll look like when I put makeup on and have that wig. 

selfobsessedstark replied to your post “((Ny hair net looks like a knitted condom kinda”

Whut XD

I’m not kidding when I said that and also realised the typo .n.


((Ny hair net looks like a knitted condom kinda


((I basically have my whole Halloween costume now. I need to try the wig on but want to wait until I’m certain people will be asleep .