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I'm not supposed to be here but I am. Do you think I wanted this life? Not my fault I'm cursed... But now you know what I am I'd run if I where you and I'm not in a good mood. Run... That's if you want to see the next sun rise.

((This is an AU Tony Stark Rp account. This Tony is can also be refereed to as Fang to twin accounts if you wish or just call him Anthony as that's how he will introduce himself to you.

All gifs and images used are not mine unless stated so. Everyone is automatically put in main!verse but I will add other verses as time goes by for relationships so none clash unless there are plots of them clashing.

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She gives an indignant shriek before flailing again, trying to squirm out from him again and almost succeeding.

He laughs at her reaction and narrowly dodges an elbow to the face. 

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"Ugh, you’re impossible!" she exclaimed.  "If I kiss you, will you let me go?"

"I’m not impossible but I am doable." He raises a brow and smirks at her. "Maybe~"

She flushed at his words, and pouted. She then dipped down and pecked his lips before pulling back.

He chuckles lowly as he kisses her back. Nipping her cheek playful a smirk forms. “I’m not letting you go.”


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                    When you


                                 fearing {DEATH}

                    you wait for it

                                   with open

                                               a r m s.

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lokiagentofsass became a potential victim



"Well, mothers always seen to know everything." He smirks at him. "You’ll have to sometime. It will be interesting to see what other places are like." He raises a brow at him. "Not sure. Any magic users I encounter have attempted to kill me after a while." The vampire lets out a laugh at the teens response. "If you’re there when something happens, you help clean up… Without the magic."

"Clean up without magic? That just sucks… i don’t think i could. That is what  magic is for." Loki laughed and rubbed  his stomach. "Only reason i would kill you is if you tried to kill me. As long as you don’t do that we will get along just fine." Loki cracked his knuckles again. "You mind me staying the night? It’s getting kind of late and i don’t know if i’m too lazy to go home or if i just want to see the inside of your house."

"Oh~ Sorry then. No partaking or coming to my classes if you don’t help with clean up duty the hard way." Anthony hummed at him. "I don’t kill unless necessary." Was his answer and he left it at that. He shakes his head in disbelieve at the teen. "I have a feeling that it’s both."

Stares at hungrily.